Allow profile differences if used through Reverse Proxy

So now that I’m setting up FileCloud for our company “in anger”, I’m finding a few limitations which I think could be addressed “easily”.

For instance TFA…

For use within the Organisation (on site behind the firewall) I do not need/want TFA. However, when used externally (i.e. through a Reverse Proxy in the DMZ) I would LOVE to have TFA. Problem is I don’t think I can do both on the same server…

Since everything is done through HTTPs, this could easily be done through the Source IP in the HTTP headers.


Thanks for the suggestion, @bob.brandt!

We have recently been considering methods to offer the authentication differences you require, but do not have any firm plans to release such a feature in the near future. Your feedback and details do help us, though, to define our roadmap and choose specific implementation details when we do decide to build a new feature.

Your input will be considered, and we very much appreciate your help.