Android - iOS app Media Sync not syncing

I installed Filecloud on my home server running windows server 2011. Everything works good. Installed a custom domain with custom ports.
installed all latest ios app on my iphone and also Android app on my LG G8.
When I try to do a Automatic Media Sync, on both devices, it doesnt upload and gives errors.

After 2 days of fidling around with the whole thing, I tried creating 2 folders on the server in [MY FILES], with the Device names of my phones. As soon as I did that, the devices started syncing automatically.

So I solved the issue…kinda.
I wonder if someone else had any issues like that, and can the developpers just check why this has happened to me.


Please check whether you have enabled the Endpoint Backup and were using the correct backup path. You can refer to the URL below for more details on this.