Attaching Network Share with an S3-compatible bucket at

I have been attempting to connect FileCloud to my DigitalOcean Spaces volume. According to DigitalOcean’s docs, “The Spaces API aims to be interoperable with Amazon’s AWS S3 API.”

I have all the necessary information: access key, secret, endpoint, region, (optional) sub-folder. And as for the bucket, according to DO’s own tech support, my bucket’s address should be the same as my endpoint:

(I’m obscuring my domain here.) But when I enter all the required info in FileCloud’s Attach S3 Bucket form, FileCloud tells me that the bucket does not exist.

Does anyone have advice on how to proceed?

I answered my own question with the help DO tech support. The bucket is the name of the DO space, just as I had named it in DO’s control panel; the region is obviously whatever it is; in my case the endpoint is

And the prefix is the folder path that I’ll use on my spaces volume.

To make it work in FileCloud I had remove the name of the bucket from what DigitalOcean calls, in its documentation, ‘the endpoint’:

Removing “my-spaces-name.” from the endpoint URL and using what’s left over.

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