Audit Log: configure what is logged

Currently there are two options to exclude actions from the audit log which are automatically linked by AND if they’re both set (ignore_ops & ignore_agent):

It would be very handy if additional options were available like:

  • logically link multiple options with AND, OR
  • negate options with !
  • filter based on IPs and Subnets
  • filter based on effective request agents also the ones not “recognized” by filecloud
  • filter based on user names

I used the word filter above which actually means “don’t log in audit log”.

This makes the audit log in the admin gui way more readable without having to filter it. We have some API-Accounts for monitoring etc which trigger a lot of audit events. Unfortunately we can’t exclude them with the options available today.

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Thank you for your idea, @ipi-filecloud!

We would like to expand these capabilities in the future with advanced operators as you suggest. By adding this request to the Ideas topic on this community forum it helps us understand what’s important to customers such as yourself, and gives others the opportunity to comment on these ideas. This sort of interest is what helps us define our product roadmap, so please keep these comments coming!