Audit Log: more detailed failure reasons

A few changes to the Audit Tab in the Admin GUI would be highly appreciated:

  • More detailed failure reasons: If a upload fails due to the Upload Limit set in the share, neither the user uploading the file nor the helpdesk staff can quickly determine what the problem is. The audit tab as well as the error message for the user just displays “unable to upload in the shared path”. If the helpdesk staff has enough experience with filecloud he may search for the corresponding share and check its upload limit. However he can not be sure what the actual cause of the failure is. In this case its a server admin which has to check the server logs on the console to finally find the line: “Disk Usage for Path: 26688616, Limit: 25600000, Currently uploaded file size: 1665448”

To find this line on our logs or to find the audit event mentioned above is not easy because of Audit Log: configure what is logged
So there are checks spamming our logs as well as:

  • There should be a way to make the logs more readable: If scheduled task (aka cron) as well as some workflows are configured, the search in the logs require a lot of patience. It is difficult to link multiple calls to the same action. In the above upload-fail example the line for the upload-api-call gets logged. If cron unfortunately runs in exact that moment (it is often the case) dozens to hundreds of lines get logged and somewhere in this haystack lays the needle “Disk Usage for Path”. If it is a new error and the admin doesn’t know the exact wording of the log line, he spends lot of time to find it.
    To sum up: it is hard to find log lines which are related to oneanother because they were triggered by the same action/call.

Thanks for the report and the suggestion. We have opened a ticket for the reported issue regarding better logging for file failures specifically.

We have also taken your feedback on improving grouping of Audit actions together. We will need to think about how exactly we can address that.

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