Automatic Photo Upload iOS

Hi there.

Im trying to use the Automatic (backup) Photo upload option in the iOS app.
But i get the following error: Can’t make a reserve copy of photos on the selected server.
(its translated from dutch, the error can be slightly different in English)

I have enabled the Endpoint backup options in the Admin panel and all the other checks are valid.
Everything works fine, execpt for this option that i would really want to use.

Anyone else got this to work on a Apple device?

Kind regrads,

Hello Robin,

Please update us with a screenshot of the page Admin Portal > Settings > Endpoint Backup tab.


Here is a screenshot of my settings, https[://i][.]
I can also make a account for you, so you can give it a try.

Kind regrads,

Hello Robin,

Would you please share iOS application logs to check this further?

For the test account, we will get back to you once we check the logs.


I have send you a PM with the information to get the log files.

Kind regrads,

Hello Graxo,

We have forwarded the log files to Dev Team for checking. We will get back to you as soon as we hear from them.

Hi there! Is there any status update? I havent heard anything in a while.