Change Skipregex

I had a customer request about skipregex. After testing it and having a chat with FileCloud support we were able to set it up.

I’d like to request that the skipregex is changed so that the path can be entered.

As is skipregex for a folder Excel in the network share root path would be -> skipregex=excel

if I have this folder “excel” in multiple network shares root all folders will be excluded. I’d like to have to opportunity to only skip a folder lets say in hr\excel but not production\excel or likely.

Thank you!

Hi @mnicolussi

Welcome to the Filecloud Community.

Thank you for the question. We’ll check it and answer you as soon as possible.

Thanks, @mnicolussi !

You present an interesting idea, and while we don’t current support restricting regex evaluation to a single share, this is something we may consider in the future. At this point it is not on our product roadmap, but if we see additional support for such an upgrade, it will be carefully considered.

Please continue to share your ideas. We greatly appreciate the help and feedback!