Collaborate on a single file

Now, in order to collaborate on documents, you need to share the entire folder. I am very interested in the scenario when it is possible to provide joint work on a separate file without sharing the folder.



Thanks for your idea.

Are you trying to share a single file with edit support to more than one user?


Yes, we are trying to share a file and give multiple people edit rights so that we can collaboratively edit in Office Online Server

Yes, this works. You can share a single file to several users, the users can edit the file in Office Online if they have write permission.

Checked on several files, it really works BUT !!! If you open at the same time and do not refresh the page, then you can edit. If one user first opens, then others enter, then “This file locked” is written and the interface does not allow editing the document together.


Editing at the same time with Office Online does not work. Only one user can have a file open at a time with write access.

Interestingly, it works! If you open a document for editing at the same time)))))

It feels like only the interface (UI) hinders

How did you open the office document? From the UI (Open in Office Online) ?

Yes, until he updated the information that he was blocked, we opened it together through UI (Open in Office Online) and could edit