Complete uninstall on Windows Server


I have installed FileCloud Community Edition on a school server (the school wanted a quick remote access solution incase of another school closer due to COVID). Everything was going well until I noticed I needed to install it onto another drive instead of the C drive. So I uninstalled the software and then tried to reinstall it to its new location.

The problem…
The uninstaller did not fully remove everything and left traces behind including running services (Apache, MongoDB ect) all pointing to the old location. I have gone into the system registry and made all the changes to point the services to the other drive letter and deleted all installation folders and then reinstalled the software. That worked except I can’t run the database as MongoDB keeps failing to start.

So I would like to remove ALL and start again. How do I do this if the uninstaller does not uninstall properly? Is there a removal tool that I can use that uninstalls everything so I can reinstall from scratch?

Thanks for your help.


If you are trying to uninstall FileCloud from the Windows server, follow the below steps :

-you need to stop all the services from Control panel

  • navigate to the Control panel in the server and choose the uninstall programs >> FileCloud

-Uninstall FileCloud, then remove the xampp folder and the storage location of the FileCloud. Once done please check if the following services of FileCloud are still running

if so, please delete manually using the command prompt

sc delete service_name

Please let us know if this helps you.

Thanks. All good now.

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