Could Not Verify Filecloudpreupgrade Package

I’m trying to upgrade from version 20.3.3, but I get the message “Could Not Verify Filecloudpreupgrade Package”. Following update instructions I downloaded the packages to the folder where the updater is but the problem continues. The filecloud server is running on windows 2012 r2 and has internet access. How do I solve this problem?

Did you download the current cloudupdatetool and exact it to a new folder?
If the folder contains old files, the update may fail.

Yes, I downloaded the current one and I’m using a new folder

Hello @RobsonCanavan

As the FileCloud Server has direct internet access, please download the latest cloudupdatetool from the below URL and run the upgrade tool as administrator without downloading any other packages.

The tool will download the necessary packages from the server.

Please let us know how it goes.

Thanks, the procedure worked! The system was updated, but after the update we lost access to the administration page and user access, we received the “page not found”. I went back to the previous version to keep working.

How should I proceed to download and reinstall the system from the beginning and not lose the validity of the license?