Customization on Community Edition

I wanted to ask if there is any reason why we can’t customize something as simple as the logo of the deployment in the community edition.

I can understand not being able to change the login graphics, but in my case, I am using FileCloud to run a server off my windows server for my kids and spouse to be able to use, and we had made a nice logo for our house server and now we can’t use it…

I know it’s a stupid request, but something we would like to be able to do at some point… I’d rather be able to add a little logo and have a FileCloud Community Server link on the bottom of the page, since the community edition is locked at 5 users, I don’t know what the damage of that could be.


Unfortunately, the community edition license doesn’t support customization. To enable customization, you have to purchase a Standard license.

It doesnt make any sense to spend $4/month/user just to add two logos on the screen… specially because I am running this on a community license…


Community license only provides limited features. So if one needs to use the other features users have to upgrade the license.