Dashboard not updating

Is it normal that everything on the dashboard dosent update automatically?

Thank you for reaching out.
Can you please share some screenshots and information regarding this issue.

What info do you need?

it’s on a win server 2016 HP micro gen 10


Please ensure that cron task is installed and is running on your Filecloud server.

it is
the installation went A1 without any error or warnings whatsoever

Can you confirm if in your Filecloud control panel the cron task is installed. Please refer screenshot.2020-01-07_03h17_58

i confirm it’s exactly as your picture

Thanks for confirming, can you please provided your latest server log file?

If the installation is default, you can get that from:


Ideally, please change the log level to DEBUG in the admin UI/Settings, and then try refresh the Dashboard.


the url for the log files :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I am not able to access the URL. Can you please recheck or upload the logs in a file format.

todays log

Thank you for the logs and it looks fine. I will try recreating the issue from my side and update you as soon as possible.

i can setup a RDC user for you if you wat to check it on the actual machine itself

Thanks for the offer, FileCloud Community Edition only option for support are the forums, but no need to worry, we will make sure to provide the best help to troubleshoot any issues you may find.

Unfortunately I was not able to recreate the issue.
Can you please try to restart the message queue in Filecloud control panel.
If this is not helping please provide us with mqclient logs from C:/xampp/mqclient along with the screenshot of the admin portal checks.
Ensure that you have done some activity in your Filecloud.

I have restarted the message queue - no changes
here are the screenshots

And the requested log file


Hi, Thanks for the logs. I will check this and get back to you.

The service is restarting unexpectedly which is causing the issue. Unfortunately the logs are not showing the actual reason. So you may please try the following steps from your side and update the result.

  1. Stop Message queue service from FC control panel.
  2. Run MQ server from command line, you may use the below command :

C:\xampp\php\php.exe C:\xampp\htdocs\core\framework\mqsrv.class.php -start