Disable 2FA from backend on Filecloud Community Edition?

I got FileCloud Community Edition installed on Windows 10.
Completed few setups & then enabled "Two Factor Authentication for Site Admin, with delivery method as “Email Authentication” & used my valid email id.
(Reference documentation => https://www.getfilecloud.com/supportdocs/display/cloud/Two+Factor+Authentication#TwoFactorAuthentication-EnableTwoFactorAuthenticationforSiteAdmin)

But, now I am stuck at login page that prompts for 2FA code, but then, I am not getting any emails with any codes.
I am a beginner and researching for solutions myself, but, if anyone can guide that will be very helpful too. I would like to avoid re-installing the instance from scratch and instead if I can disable 2FA from backend?

Attached is the screenshot with login screen, where I get stuck.

Appreciate your assistance.


Its resolved. Found the alternative i.e resetting admin password removes the 2FA too.


Hello @amitabhob

We are happy to hear that the issue has been resolved.