Distributing reports to customers - team folders?

We have a requirement to make monthly (and other) reports available to groups of customer users. Currently we use a clunky website (using htaccess files to control user access) to do this but it seems an obvious candidate for Filecloud. The current system has groups of users for each customer who are allowed to download the reports for that customer.

The question is what is the best way to organise this. Looking at the documentation it seems that Team Folders would be suitable. There is an administrative overhead in that we will have to create a Team Folder owner for each customer (and this will not be a customer user as we need to manage this).

I’d like some opinions on how to approach this.


Michael Lightfoot
Delivery Engineer
Sliced Tech

Hi Michael,

You can create multiple folders under the Team Folder with the customer name, then share these folders with individual customer accounts. Once you share, you can upload the necessary files to each folder for the users to download the files from their end.

Please let us know whether this customer accounts you are sharing files with are Limited Account types or Full Users?

Also, let us know the generated reports are store on your local machine/server under customer name folders (individual folders) or all reports are placed in a single folder?

The users will probably be Limited Access users but they will be allowed to delete files from the share as well as download them.

The most important thing is that each customer is isolated from the other customers, maybe not even knowing that other customers exist. It would be unfortunate if a customer ever gained access to reports for another customer.

I initially thought that the best way to achieve separation would be to have separate Team Folders for each customer, but from your reply it seems that you are suggesting one Team Folder with separate shares inside that. Is that what you are suggesting?



Hi Michael,

Creating the TeamFolder directory shares to Limited User accounts from the Admin Portal is restricted.

Please consider the below option to set up the shares from a full user account.

  1. Create a full user account in the system to manage all shares to your end customers.
  2. You may create a user with some common names like “reportmanager/shareadmin etc…” This name will be visible to your end-user.
  3. Create a parent TeamFolder directory (customers or reports) and share this directory to above created full user account will all share permissions.
  4. Now login to the user portal with the above-created full user credentials.
  5. Navigate to Team Folder share created for this user.
  6. Create additional directories with the name of your customers.
  7. Share these newly created directories with the limited users with the permissions you need. Share each directory with one limited user.

The limited users only can access the directory shared with them from the full user. And they can not see other directories in the system.

Please test this before you apply it to your production environment.

We hope the above steps were helpful.