Does Filecloud support delta sync?

Hi, does Filecloud have delta sync?


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FileCloud has the app FileCloud Sync, where the sync scans the entire file for any changes before updating.

Thanks Somitha, and does it sync the whole file or just the changes?


It syncs the whole file.

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Okay, so it doesn’t support delta sync. Thank you.

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Note that for most modern file types today which are compressed, delta sync doesn’t really work and doesn’t have any big benefits. If you modify a few bytes, many parts of the file possibly can change.

Delta sync is a requirement for us because the team collaboration features in our CAD/BIM software (Vectorworks) relies on delta sync to only sync changes, not the whole file.

We can be working with multiple files at any given time up to 1GB in size each, so without delta sync Filecloud would be unusable for us.

Thanks noted and agreed. Some files types do benefit from delta sync.