Edit file on Mobile

I am new to filecloud and try to find out how it works.
I am looking for a way to edit a file (picture) on the mobile app and keep it in sync with the server.
When I open a picture in Gallery by example, crop it and save it, it is saved in an other folder and with an other name. Is there an easy way to overwrite the original file, so that the remote file also get changed?
I was also looking for the local copy of the online files on my phone, but can’t find them. Are they saved in an other manner than regular files ?
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You can open your file using the editing app and then sync that folder with the Filecloud app. Also, we can use the two-way sync option to sync the files to and from the server. Please refer the below link to know more about this option


We believe that you need to see the Filecloud files as a device folder, unfortunately, this is not how we handle the files. Exposing them can lead to data loss if the user mistakenly deletes the file or folder. So you need to reupload the files for now.

– I was also looking for the local copy of the online files on my phone, but can’t find them. Are they saved in another manner than regular files?
If you are downloading a file for the preview then this will not be accessible to users. However, in the case of offline sync, the files would be accessible.

Thanks for your answer.
I already found the documentation you mention and have a two way sync working and also some folders offline available.
The fact that I have to re-upload the picture is quite a no go for us to use filecloud, as we would like to use it mainly for pictures and we often do a first selection of pictures on our phones.

“However, in the case of offline sync, the files would be accessible.” This could be a solution, but where can I find those files? I have 2 folders sync offline, but when I search on the name of the files on my phone, I can’t find them.

I could also use this solution “You can open your file using the editing app and then sync that folder with the Filecloud app” but how can I sync the folder where the app saves my files. In my case I tried with Gallery, that saves the edited files in a folder called EditedOnlinePhotos under root. I now have as source for to autoupload “Default”. My Camera saves the pictures under DCIM that I could define as Source, but how do I add EditedOnlinePhotos?
Thanks for your help

I made some additional tests and though I found a solution, but…
The idea was to take pictures with the mobile and let them backup automatically to filecloud.
If I edit the picture on the phone and save it under a new name, I get the edited picture in filecloud and from there I can put it manually in the right folder. The problem is that the original picture is still there.
If I save it under the same name, the original is gone (that’s what I am looking for), but filecloud is not updated with the modification. Same issue happens when I delete a picture on the phone.
I though a solution could be to Sync the backup folder, but when trying to do that I get a permission error again. “Sync Autorisation refused for folder myfiles/backups/Android…” Is there a way to solve this?


We believe that you are trying to achieve, you want all of your edited pictures (stored in your device under folder EditedOnlinePhotos) to be automatically backed up. This can be achieved with Media Sync. Here are the steps to achieve it :

  • Access app settings in the accounts screen

  • Select your server by clicking on “Server”

  • Change the Source to EditedOnlinePhotos folder. To do that, simply click on “Source” > “Change” then navigate to the folder and press “Select”

All the content in EditedOnlinePhotos folder will be automatically uploaded to My files/backups. Not that for Media Sync to work, the app has to be running. It does not necessarily need to be active on screen, but it needs to be at least open in the background.

The issue you are facing with the authorisation is because you trying to access the backup folders using the Offline sync, try enabling Media Sync.

Also, if you need to move a copy of the files to another folder (in FileCloud) this can be achieved by using the option WorkFlow. This can be configured from the Admin portal.

You can follow the documentation to know more about this


If you are still facing issues, please can you be more precise with the idea you are trying to achieve with the FileCloud.

Thanks for your time.
I am aware of media sync and offline sync, but or I don’t understand it right, or it does’nt work as I think it should.
I will try to explain you what I would like to achieve with Filecloud.
I have a server at home running filecloud and containing all my files and also more than 20K pictures.
My wife and I, we both take pictures with our phones and in the past more with our camera.
By example, pictures of our cameras where manually downloaded on our computer, putted in a related folder (by example Vacation 2019) and synced with the server. At the end we had on our server a collection of pictures sorted in folders. Those pictures were modified or deleted with an application on the computer, by example XnViewMP.
Now that we take much more pictures with our cellphones, I am trying to find a solution to get all those pictures in the folders on the server with as less possible manipulation.
A main difference with what we did in the past is that we make a pre-selection already on the phone, by deleting some picture or bring some modification like cropping by example. Depending on the app used on the phone we could choose to overwrite the original or not. Lets assume that we overwrite it, so at the end we will have one folder (camera) with all the pictures we want to get on the server.
Those modifications will happens between the time the picture is taken and the time I decide to sort the pictures on the computer.
My idea was to automatically upload all those pictures on the server on the flow in separate folders for my phone and my wife’s phone (as Media sync does).
At certain moments, I will on the computer sort all those pictures by moving them in the right folders in our picture collection. After that action, the backup folders on the server will be empty, and I would like that the camera folder gets also empty.
On the phone all the pictures will disappear and we then will have the possibility to see our pictures by going online on the server via the app, or making some folders available offline on the phone.
Hope this is more clear?
It is what I was trying to do yesterday, but as you see what I should need is a way to keep the “camera” folder (the folder defined as mediasync) in two ways sync with the server, but that gave me a permission error.
Any other scenario/solution is welcome.
Thanks for your help,


Unfortunately, only the upload part of your plans will be achievable with FileCloud :

  • As you rightfully said, you can use Media Sync to upload all your new pictures, even the edited ones if you set the source as a specific folder containing edited pictures.

  • Unfortunately, Offline Sync will not help you delete files in your local pictures folder: the feature allows you to select a folder on the server, that is then downloaded locally on your device. However the synced folder is not accessible by other apps, so you would not be able to move your phone pictures inside a folder synced with Offline Sync.

Thanks. In the mean time I found a 3th party App to upload the picture I want (if needed from several folders from the phone) and I will follow my test to use Filecloud to display the pictures on the phones.
If I have any other questions I will revert to the forum.