Email notification

Several times already. After uploading documents, not all files were notified.
We uploaded 20 documents to one folder, and 1 to another folder, the letter with information came only about 20.

How can you track, see why the notification about the uploaded file is not received.

Installed on Windows.

Hello @Accountor

It looks like you are using an older FileCloud version ( The latest FileCloud version available is

We suggest you upgrade the FileCloud Server to the latest and version and check whether the notification issue persists.

You can refer to the URL below for more details related to the upgrade process.

Would you mind making sure to take a full server backup/snapshot before proceeding with the upgrade process?

Hello @anand.prabhu
made an update.
There are a couple of questions.
How do I enable the old interface by default for everyone?

Folder sorting does not work correctly after updating in the old interface.

Hello @Accountor

Please login to Admin Portal, then navigate to Settings > Misc > General tab > and choose Classic as " Default Web UI Version to show. "

Would you please provide a bit more details on the folder sorting to understand the issue better?

in the classic version of the interface, folders were previously sorted by name.
Sorting options changed for some users after the update.

Also, errors appeared in notifications.

Hello @Accountor

You can ignore these warnings now. This is a bug in the system and will be fixed in future versions.

Hello @Accountor

We are checking the sorting issue on the classic UI with the developers and will get back to you as soon as we hear from them.

  • bug report.
    I understand IE is outdated.
    But loading documents with Russian layout does not work in it.

Hello @Accountor

Thank you for the feedback.
We have forwarded this to our Development Team.

You can also send a request for a filter to the developers.
With a large number of groups, it is inconvenient.

Thank you.

Hello @Accountor

Thank you for the feedback.
We will pass this to our Development Team.