Expiration date on a Group

Each company my business deals with has many employees that require access to the same File Cloud files. Separate File Cloud user accounts are created for each employee. All of these user accounts are then added into a new File Cloud “Group” and we then assign the “Group” to all files required by all the employees of the company…

I would like to have the ability to set an expiration date on the “Group” so members in the “Group” will no longer be able to access files after a certain date. Basically, when a File Cloud “Group” expires then access to all files which have been shared with the “Group” are denied.

The expiration date on the “Group” must only affect “Group” access and not affect individual “User” account access (read example below).

For example, I provide “User1” access to “File1”. I then also place “User1” into “Group1” (which now has 5 members) and provide “Group1” access to a different “File2”. When the expiration date for “Group1” expires, then “Group1” no longer has access to “File2”, however, “User1” still has access to “File1”.


Thank you for the idea.

We have the feature to set expiry for the files you share. If we can set expiry for files will this work in your situation?

No this will not work for two reasons:

  1. I have various companies (ie: File Cloud “Groups”) which can be provided access to the same file. Having an expiration date on the “Group” will allow me to restrict only certain companies from having access to the files, while all other companies can still have access to the files.

  2. Even if we had only one company having access to the files only this approach would still not work nicely. For example, assume over a year’s time 100 separate files are shared with a company (ie: File Cloud “Group”). At the time the file was shared, I could place an expiration date on the file which would restrict the “Group” from being able to access the file anymore. However, say the company renews their support agreement and is now entitled to all file access again. This means I would have to locate all 100 files and reset the expiration date on all 100 files one by one manually. This would be painful. It would be much easier to simply reset the expiration on the “Group” only and be done.