External Access Failure

OS: Windows 10 64b
Community Edition

Preliminary Work:

  1. Port Changed to 8888
  2. Access to from within LAN is OK.
  3. Port Forwarded in Ubiquity UDM and OS firewall
  4. Even turned OS firewall completely off
  5. No connection information in access logs when attempting to connect from WAN (other then local LAN access)


Thank you for your interest in FileCloud Community Edition!

We will check this and get back to you.


Thank you for your patience.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any expertise in port forwarding and external firewalls.

Please let us know if you are getting any error while accessing from WAN ?

Oh a wild attempt to solve the problem, I changed the https port from 443 to 7443 in httpd-ssl.conf (even though I was not connecting via https and that port is not passed through the firewall) and what do you know I can now connect to the http port from the WAN.


Thank you for your update.

You may please try to connect with the new port which you are forwarding to in WAN. If you are not able to connect to this then this can be the issue with any external firewalls.

As I have mentioned in the previous update, we do not have expertise in port forwarding and external firewalls as it is outside of filecloud support.