File download Issue

after upgrading to ver. 20.2 downloading files greater than 20 mb takes very long time to respond to download from the browser around 30secs to start the download

while using IDM download starts directly

this issue never happened in ver 19 or below versions

it`s critical issue as the system is being used by an enterprise



Can you please switch the log level to Dev mode from Admin >> Settings >> Server >> Log level >> Dev

Then try to download the file again and please collect the logs from the below location.

FileCloud Server Log

Windows : \xampp\htdocs\scratch\logs\log_YYYY-MM-DD.txt

Example: c:\xampp\htdocs\scratch\logs\log_2013-08-27.txt (Select the latest date)

Linux : /var/www/html/scratch/logs/log_YYYY-MM-DD.txt

Please upload the log to the following link, also share us with the file name you are trying to download.

okai will do it now

i also have an issue with the transfer rate, my internet speed is great ( tested by downloading data from other websites and it`s speed is unlimited depends on my internet speed ) but when i download the any file from filecloud the transfer rate is limited ???

I am having the same downloading issue, but our files are Gigabytes in size and the download option never shows up. I have found a workaround, but it only works with Firefox.

Once you click the download button, click the logout button and log out. this will cause the browser download dialog to show up and begin downloading like normal.

Like I said this only works on Firefox and our files are over 2GB, so I dont know if you will have the same results with 20mb files.

@esoto and @omarhamdyyoussef

We will check this and get back to you.

In the meantime can you please upload the logs mentioned in the previous updates.