File inaccessable after editing


We have an issue with our server. When we save a file to the server (a small PDF - nothing crazy in terms of size. About 1,200 KB)

When we save the file, it is not accessible for up to 1 hr hour or more. It shows the file is there, but we cannot open it, attach it to an email, or do anything with it.

We’ve tested this with both the desktop version and the web version, and have the same issue - the file is not available on the server for at least an hour or longer.

Other times, when a file that lives on the server is accessed and edited, then saved, the file itself disappears for a long time. In its place is a backup file (.bak and then some random characters) and a temp file (.tmp).

What can I do to bring this server back into working order?

On the Alerts page, I do see a few alerts like ERROR | 2021-02-16 06:45:19 | 1 | Maximum execution time of 60 seconds exceeded | C:\xampp\htdocs\thirdparty\vendor\composer\ClassLoader.php:445.


Are you getting any errors when trying to access the file.

Can you also share the server logs in dev mode(Admin portal >> Settings >> Server >> Log level), you can switch the log level to Dev mode and then recreate the issue and fetch the logs.

Also, please let us know the FileCloud version you are using.

FileCloud Server Log

Windows : \xampp\htdocs\scratch\logs\log_YYYY-MM-DD.txt

Example: c:\xampp\htdocs\scratch\logs\log_2013-08-27.txt (Select the latest date)

Linux : /var/www/html/scratch/logs/log_YYYY-MM-DD.txt