FileCloud 21.1 is now available

See Release notes: FileCloud Server 21.1 Release Notes

I installed the update yesterday, and now i noticed that the MESSAGE QUEUE service is not starting. It gives an error saying: fcorchestrator cannot start. When i go into the task manager, I see fcorchestrator PAUSED. I uninstalled the service and reinstalled and still not working. Now i cannot send any emails using the FILECLOUD app.

Where do you get the error, can you please share a screenshot showing the error.
Please let us know what operation system / version you are using.

Screenshot 2021-05-18 141538 Screenshot 2021-05-18 150209

Please try to reinstall the service:

  • sc delete fcorchestrator (in a windows cmd as Administrator)
  • install the service again in the FileCloud Controll Panel

This issue already addressed on a different thread.