FileCloud Community Edition Installation Help

How can I get help with my FileCloud Community Edition Installation?

I would like to install FileCloud Community Edition on my Windows server, and I need help getting started. How can I get the installation package? Is there a trial period so that I can make sure it runs on my server before I make my donation for a one-year license?

Getting started is easy!

Learn more about Community Edition here:

On that website, click or tap on the “Free Trial” button to be guided through the process of acquiring a trial license, downloading and installing the FileCloud Server software, and configuring your site for users to access.

Once you know you’re ready to go live with a one-year license, click or tap on the “Donate Now” button to be taken to the registration and payment form. You will be charged $10 for your license, and 100% of this payment will be donated to charity.

If you have additional questions about the FileCloud Community Edition, or if you’re interested in stepping up to Standard or Enterprise, just post again on this forum for assistance.

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