FileCloud Community vs Tonido?

So the question is does FileCloud Community Edition make Tonido officially abandonware? I don’t think there have been any updates on Tonido since the summer of 2017. It still uses TLS 1.1! I think there are a lot of home users who aren’t interested in collaboration or anything else but secure access to our files from anywhere. I’m sure I’m not the only Tonido user considering moving on. Why should I weigh FileCloud along with other options to replace Tonido?

Thank you for the question, @Tyler_F!

The introduction of community edition doesn’t mean Tonido is abandonware. Note that we did update fixes to the Tonido mobile apps recently.

CodeLathe just doesn’t have the resources to actively work on Tonido at the moment. We hope that changes so we can ship updates in the future.


A four year old software IS abandonware, by definition.

Just because you didn’t declare it dead doesn’t mean it’s not already dead…

I appreciate your efforts for the mobile app, but unless you raise the photo quality experience to rival iOS Photos app, it has no chances. Nextcloud is already there at the top in the selfhosted file management area. Just do your best for the media management which has lots of room for improvement on selfhosted solutions.

There is NOTHING on the market that offers iOS Photos features (Collections, Moments) - even the iOS Photos app has involved with ios 13 and macos catalina by removing the Collections and Moments features… Also the iCloud servers does background processing of media and pre-renders several versions in different sizes and bitrates (actually the processing is done on client then uploaded, but that wouldn’t make sense on a selfhosted server), so it can quickly play on low bandwidth situations and quickly pre-populate the client with thumbnails with instant browsing. THIS is what I would expect from a Tonido upgrade. I would even pay a small subscription to filecloud if it had those features.

You should just split the media management features from File Cloud - and let them do what they can best do: Filecloud deal with files, Tonido deal with media.

Thanks for the feedback! Your feedback is noted.

Tonido had over 4 to 5 years of active development but we are currently mainly doing critical bug fixes and keeping the service fully active. We hope to do more development in the future.