FileCloud Drive cache security

I didn’t find any information about cache security of FileCloud Drive.

Does FileCloud Drive (on PC and Mobile) cache get encrypted?
Or all files there stored without any encryption

what about cache expiration.
For example I’ve edited some file and it got into cache.
Will it be there forever or it will be deleted from cache if I don’t access that file for some time?

is there a way to limit total size of cache. so if limit is reached the oldest files (in terms of time of last access) get deleted from cache?


Thanks for posting.

The Drive cache is not in an encrypted format. However, if you have the file in an encrypted format, then the cache will have the file in the same format.

The cache will be cleared once you exit from the Drive. If you have accessed a file, this file will be in the cache till you exit from the Drive.

I will check with the team about the option to limit the cache size.


As a follow-up, the option to limit the cache size, our team has updated that currently there is no such option and this is into consideration.

So if I am working with highly confidential documents from my laptop and opened hundreds and thousands of them they all sit in the cache on my laptop. And if laptop was stolen or lost all that files can be easily access.
The same goes for mobile phones especially Android ones.

You do see a security flaw in that right? all other security features worth nothing if there is only one weak spot like this.
Do you at least planing to encrypt cache of FileCloud Drive on all type of devices?

Other good security features would be

  • expiration of files in cache (if file not accessed for some time it get deleted from cache)
  • limit the size of the cache ( if limit is reached oldest files get deleted from cache)


Thank you for the update.

We have notified this with our development team and have taken the necessary actions to find a better solution to the problems you have mentioned.