Filecloud drive download speed (windows)

When I am local to my file server using windows to pull down a folder from a share to my local system. I get transfer rates of ~50 MB/s on a 100mb folder.

When I try to pull down the same 100MB folder with the filecloud drive network share, It takes significantly longer with a trasnfer rate that doesn’t even reach 1MB/s. The files are still local, just going through filecloud drive first. Is this a common issue?

Are there some speed throttle settings that I am missing? A bit disappointed as I have just got everything up and running and the speed is starting to make this look like a no go.


For accessing files in Drive it takes more time than a direct download. As from Drive, it first connects to your FileCloud and then accesses the network share from there it downloads the file.

However, this is already under discussion and will be resolved in future versions of Drive.


Has this been addressed in the newer release of filecloud?