FileCloud for Android - Not work 443 access

I test FileCloud server Community edition; i use Ubuntu image download from
In LAN or WAN, the access in 443 (https) and 80 WORK fine.
With App on android, via 80 (http) WORK fine, but via 443 (HTTPS) NOT WORK… message ‘the connection to server not work’…
Any idea???


Any idea?
This is a big problem… Filecloud is used for remote access from mobile and in security mode!

Hi Gestione,

Welcome to Filecloud Community Edition.

This can be due to the lack of CA certificate.

Please check if you have installed CA certificate with your SSL certificate, as it is essential for all the Filecloud apps.

You need to make sure that “SSLCertificateChainFile” is not commented out in the Apache SSL config. You can find more details in below documentations.



Can you please check from your side.

now work…
Thank you very much

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Glad to hear that your issue is resolved. :slight_smile: