FileCloud Outlook Plugin

The current outlook plugin is very basic and the File Browser is almost not needed.

We would like to see an enhanced plugin similar to modern tools on the market.

It would be good to see File Cloud visible in outlook to drag and drop attachments/emails directly to folders.
Additionally, when dragging files to the email that is being composed, there should be an option to send via link or attachment. This would be really helpful to manage email/attachments effectively.


Thank you for the excellent input, @Lance!

We appreciate the consideration you’ve given to this feature request, and would definitely like to do something like this. I love the idea of having a FileCloud panel embedded in Outlook, and we will certainly consider adding something like this.

Thank you for the details and for the screenshot! Please keep the ideas coming!

I would like just a button at minimum for an attachment to be saved to a Filecloud folder. At least that would be a great help.

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Thanks Dustin, we understand this and we have this plan in our roadmap to enhance attachments saves back and forth from FC.

I Think, Adding direct download link ( instead of landing page) to email will be great

Noted, can you also post it in our ideas list so others can vote for it?