Full Text Search Not Working

I can’t seem to get Full Text Search working? Please don’t tell me this is not available in the community edition?


Unfortunately, Solr search is restricted in Community edition.


Is this the cause of mine saying Unknown Status? Solr is installed and I can get to it on the set port on localhost but in the UI it just says unkown status.


Yes, solr is restricted in Community edition.

Yep, the community version is seriously limited, and there is no reasonably priced upgrade path.

Oh do you not get it in the $50 standard version either?

Oh I see, minimum of 20 users. I am on community and was going to buy the standard for just myself but I can’t see myself paying for 20 users when I only need one.


Thanks for posting.

You can go through the link for our pricing. https://www.getfilecloud.com/pricing/

Solr is supported in the Standard version and above.

If you need only one user, you can also check with our sales team, so please email and check this with sales@codelathe.com

@somitha.syriac I have emailed the sales team and have received no response in two weeks.


Can you please let us know the email ID.