Group Sync with AD (or LDAP)

I have no numbers to back this up, but I assume most organizations use an external user database (either AD or LDAP or…) to pull FileCloud users from. As such there will already be an existing infrastructure to maintain users and groups.

Rather then forcing us to recreate groups within FileCloud, would it be possible to provide some sort of sync with external groups?

I understand why FileCloud wants to maintain it’s own users and groups because of the invited users you aren’t actually part of the organization. But you could say:

  • Link a FileCloud Group with an AD Group.
  • When a new user is detected in the AD Group, add them to the FileCloud Group.
  • When a AD user in a FileCloud group is no longer in an AD Group, remove them from the FileCloud group.
    That way basic user administration is kept within the existing infrastructure and invited users can still be maintained by FileCloud???



Apologies for the late reply.

We provide integration of AD and LDAP servers with Filecloud which is already documented.

Can you please go through the below URL’s

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Thanks for that… I have to admit that I was being a little stupid! I was initially only testing with the EVERYONE group which apparently is a special group and the worst group to test with!

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