Improving Workflows

It would be great if FileCloud workflows had a more robust parameter system. One major improvement would be allowing multiple filtering statements per workflow, allowing us to target users, or user groups, more specifically.

For example, our office would like a workflow that automatically moves files that have not been updated for two weeks into a folder labelled “archive”. This works fine if we simply specify all users, however if we want to exclude some number of users from this policy, the workflow falls apart. From what I have seen, the advanced “reverse” path matching does not allow us to specify multiple users to exclude. Ideally we would be able to create groups of users that we could include or filter out of workflows.

It should be possible to add multiple IF criteria for a workflow with an AND/OR statement of some kind. The lack of these very basic filtering options severely limits the usability of the workflow tool, which has the potential to be very powerful.

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Thank you for the feedback, Elan!

Your input is very helpful as we work on our product roadmap and plan new and upgraded features for future releases.

I really like this idea, and it’s exactly the type of expansion to our workflow system that we have been considering. We understand just how much potential could be unlocked with a little more flexibility and power.

Please continue to share your ideas! We will soon be posting a topic on this forum about upcoming features so that you and other FileCloud users will know what’s on the way from our engineering and product teams.

Thank you!