Include a local hard drive and access it online

Dear Community-Members!

I would like to add a complete hard drive to the FileCloud system using FileCloud- CommunityEdition.

For this, i would need help to:

  • include the local drive (f.e. e:\)
  • get a URL to get access to all the data.

In Tonido, this was the “usual” case for what this type of sharing files was all about. Here, in FileCloud, i was not able to finde the steps to do that.

I hope, that you could help me getting startet, so i could start running my own server by using the FileCloud CumminityEdition.

Right now, i am only able to get a user access to 2 gb (default) server place, but i would like him to scroll in all the files on the hard disc and to edit the files.

THANK you for your help (if this problem is could be solved in the CommunityEdition).
Johannes (Vienna, Austria)


Thanks for posting in Community forum.

Can you please go through the below documentation on FileCloud Drive, if this helps you

Thank you for your respons!

The setup i needed was in the “network-folders”. Here i could share the drive with other users (by copy-paste the link of the explorer-route). Now this problem seems to be solved. .avi files could not be previewed.

Now i need to setup the URL for EXTERNAL use (for the app and the browser to login).

In the ducumentation is only mensioned, that i need an (valid) externally accessible URL. Is there a FileCloud preset URL (like in Tonido the “”, a kind of standard URL)? I don’t have a URL, that i could use for this.

THANK YOU for your time. Perhaps this problem could be solved before my 2 weeks-trial is over.



Please let us know if you need to a file externally to a user to view a file. For this, you have to set a URL that should be externally accessible for which we don’t have a preset URL.

@somitha.syriac how can I get a URL that is accessibly from an external network?


We apologize for the delay in getting back to you.

For the URL to be accessible externally (publically), you need to point the URL to a public IP address assigned with the FileCloud server.