Install FileCloud Server in linux where Apache is pre-installed?

I created a new Centos 7.6 VPS in DigitalOcean, which comes with Apache pre-installed. I installed wget, nano, letscencrypt and its dependencies, and then ran this script from the /var/www/html directory:

wget && bash

I had to deselect the option to install FileCloud’s standalone Apache server, and then the install script did all its work. This results in nothing in /var/www/html other than the script. I expected all of FileCloud’s html/css and php files to be put in place.

Is the ONLY way to install FileCloud Server to start from an instance of linux WITHOUT apache pre-installed? Or is there a way for me to install FileCloud’s html/css and php files on a system that already has apache?

The only variant we support for the installation is without pre-installed Apache.
All components installed by us are tested together and supported as such.
Using an existing Apache installation should be an possible, but we can’t provide any help for this.

I uninstalled Apache and re-installed FileCloud.