Jump to a section of a list

Hi, When using Windows Explorer or other lists of files/folder you can jump to a section by typing in the first character.
Any plans for FileCloud to be able to offer this as I regularly have to scroll through pages to find what I need.


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Hi @craig.morley
Can you please explain this use-case with some screenshots?
If you have a large number of files, I recommend you to use Filecloud drive which works exactly the same as your Windows drive.
If you are referring to a new feature please feel free to share your ideas.

Thanks, @craig.morley, for your input!

And thanks, @somitha.syriac, for jumping in to help out and brainstorm!

I’ll just add to this conversation that I think this is a great suggestion from Craig. I love anything that could improve the efficiency of interactions with FileCloud, and this is something that we’re actively working on right now. We plan to continue improving access to all of your FileCloud resources through enhancements to search capabilities and content categorization, and you’ll see the benefits when looking for your files in the web browser as well as within the mobile apps.

Thank you for taking the time to share your suggestions! Feedback like yours helps us define our product roadmap and understand where we should focus our efforts in order to keep improving the product for everyone. Please do not hesitate to post here again with additional details or any other ideas you’d be willing to share.

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Thanks for that Zach :+1:

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