Let's encrypt certificate renewal


I have installed and used a Let’s Encrypt certificate for 3 months now.
I have also enabled the auto-renewal feature https://www.getfilecloud.com/supportdocs/display/cloud/Use+Let’s+Encrypt+to+Renew+SSL+Certificates:

However my certificate expired and it won’t get renewed.
What am I missing in the auto-renewal configuration?



Thank you for your request.

Can you please share us with the URL you are using.

You need to manually renew the certificate with the Let’s Encrypt team as FileCloud itself won’t renew the certificate.

The steps in the doc is to make sure the requests from let’s encrypt side to reach your site.



Thank you for the update.

The certificate is not renewed at the Let’s Encrypt. Can you try contacting the Let’s encrypt team for the certificate renewal.

Thanks for answering.
In this case the FileCloud docs are prety misleading, imho. They clearly indicate that “do this for auto renewal”. Which seems to not actually be the case.
Are there some other docs on how to properly configure auto-renewal?
I’m pretty sure I won’t get anywhere contacting Let’s Encrypt.


We will edit the docs as soon as possible.

You can refer to the below links for renewing the certificate, also if you are facing any issues, please contact Let’s encrypt team.