New account button on login page

Since the update to 20.x I noticed that the “New account” button is displayed on the login screen even though the option “0” is set in custom.xml
In version 19 this worked as intended. Please activate this “feature/option” again! I understand that you want to differentiate between paid and higher paid versions, but this option should be available even in the donation version to avoid unnecessary “hacking” attempts


Thanks for posting.

We believe that you are referring to the ‘New Account’ option in the user login page, which is enabled in the Admin portal >> Customizations >> General >> Login >> Show New Account Button

You can make the changes in the Admin portal, to disable the button please uncheck.

I will check this with our team about the XML edits and get back to you.

That is indeed what I refer to. However this option is only available for Standard and Enterprise. Not for the FileCloud Community Edition.


I will check this and get back to you.


Customizations are disabled in Community Edition.

You can also check this in the comparison table in the given URL :

However, you can change the option for New Account from Admin Portal >> Settings >> Admin >> New Account signup ( by default you will not be able to create an account).
Please note that the button will be present there.

I know that the Community edition does not allow to make personalisations and I understand why, but there are some customisations in my opinion that should not only be part of the higher paid options! This is one of them for example.
I know I can set the Account signup to: FALSE, but that does not change the fact that the button will still be visible on the login screen. If you are consistent with these options, then this should remove the button.


Thank you, Dave.

I will notify this with our team :slight_smile: