Problem moving FileCloud server to a new domain

I’m having a problem accessing my FileCloud server and the admin UI on a VPS I moved from one domain to another.

A bit more detail: first I set up FileCloud on a VPS (hosted at DigitalOcean) under one domain. Later I copied a snapshot of that VPS to another DigitalOcean account and changed the server’s domain, edited DNS records, edited apache’s virtual hosts, and installed the letsencrypt cert for the new domain. I can see that DNS records resolve properly to the new DO droplet; I can access the new domain on port 443 (subtituted a simple index.html in the webroot to test that), and I can log into the server via SSH.

I am just unable to access the FileCloud service. I assume my problem has to do with the FileCloud configuration. Is there some way that I can correct FileCloud’s configuration on the command line and/or using the mysql cli?

What error do you get when you try to access FileCloud User Portal?

I get no error; only an empty page in the browser.

If you connect to <your_FileCloud_URL>, are you redirected to <your_FileCloud_URL>/ui/core?
You could check if you see the connection attempts or errors in the apache access.log:
Linux: /var/log/apache2/
Windows: D:\xampp\apache\logs\

Maybe it is easier to install a new FileCloud instance and migrate the data.
More details about this can be found in this link:

I’ve decided to install from scratch, since I was just in the trial period, just getting started. I’ll close this topic, although it still seems useful to know if FileCloud configuration can be amended from the command line. For now, for me, this is a moot question.

FileCloud has no command line interface to customize the configuration.
However, there is an API to programmatically change some settings: