Problem to access from remote to Filecloud Server

I test community edition in my company
I installed server -> ok
I change default http port on 9001 -> ok

With firefox;
From server machine:

  • i connect to localhost:9001 -> ok
  • i connect to ipservermachine:9001 -> ok

From other machine on lan:

  • i connect to ipservermachine>:9001 -> ERROR

have you any idea?
I add in httpd.conf (xampp\apache\conf) :

Order Deny,Allow

Deny from all

 Allow from all 

But not work…


As you are able to access the Filecloud from the server machine means Apache is working fine.
So you may please check the Firewall ( if the http port you are using is allowed in firewall) and check after removing the rule “Order Deny, Allow” from the configuration file.
If you are still facing the issue, please upload the logs from \xampp\apache\logs\error.log