Problem whitURL

hello, I have problems with the start of my account with the URL provided by you, I leave the screenshot

error “An internal error has occurred while processing your request.”

Hello?? someone can help me with the problem?

Hello @Lio

Please use a valid domain name in the Server URL path that is pointing properly to the FileCloud Community server IP. Also, do not use any sub-folder with the domain name.

thanks for the response, but can’t resolve it, my URL is:
I have pointed my domain to the IP address, and in the administration portal I put my IP, I don’t know what I could be doing wrong.
Thank you.


Please do a ping test from your FileCloud server to the URL and let us know the result.
Also, let us know the OS version of your FileCloud server.


this can’t work the same as tonido? I have no knowledge of configuring servers, thanks for your help

my Os is windows 10