Problem with filecloud sync & mobile

Hi. I installed Filecloud succesfully to my server with SSL and setting to my domain + created certificate etc… Now web-based Filecloud workin great with browser (https://mydomain.xx), but with Filecloud Sync i get error.

Any tips what will cause that ? Certificate looks ok from browser and https working great.
Thanks for the help.


Please check if you have installed CA certificate with your SSL certificate, as it is essential for all the Filecloud apps.

You need to make sure that “SSLCertificateChainFile” is not commented out in the Apache SSL config. You can find more details in below documentations.

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Thank you for help. That make a trick. I installed sertificate again with windows “Install SSL Certificate” with SSL Intermediate Certificate (optional) called ca_bundle.crt. Now Filesync works with desktop and mobile. :partying_face:

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