Questions about the source code of filecloud

Hi there,

I just wanted to ask where I can find more information about it, i.e.

  • what programming language is filecloud written in?
  • what license applies to the source code?
  • what frameworks are you using
  • any other info available about your product

Happy for any links, googling hasn’t yielded much so far and looking around your website neither.


Thanks for posting.

FileCloud is written in PHP

We are a commercial licensed product

We don’t use any PHP frameworks for the core in the current release. It’s all proprietary code.

Thanks for clarifying. So I take it the source code is not available for inspection or auditing?


Correct, code is not available for auditing, the Community Edition is a slim down version of FileCloud that we want users to have with a minimum investment and not the full-fledge payment required for businesses.

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