Recovery from failed boot drive?

I am evaluating FileCloud as a replacement for my current storage setup. My setup would likely be a server running ubuntu 18.04lts on the boot drive, a ZFS pool managed by said ubuntu, with FileCloud installed. My files would be housed on the ZFS pool for an added layer of protection.
My question is, since filecloud doesn’t store the files in a way I can access them on their own some time later… what happens of my boot drive fails? If I do a completely fresh install of Filecloud… can I at least see and use the files that are on the ZFS pool? I assume I would lose previous version options and customizations and whatnot… but would I at least be able to see the files and use them again?


FileCloud stores the settings and file details in the database.
If you have a proper backup of the database and managed storage location, you can restore it in the freshly installed FileCloud to access the old data.

Please refer to the URL below to get some idea on restoring the data on a different machine.

You can take database backups, manage storage location backups periodically, and store them in different locations to restore the system.