Renaming Folders Causing Issues

Hello, I’m having issues with my server when I am connected to it via file cloud and I have the drive mounted on my computer. When I rename a folder, for some reason it corrupts the structure and looses what is inside the folder or part of what is inside of it. Any suggestions?

Thanks for posting.

Do I understand correctly that you use FileCloud Drive and rename a folder ?
Can you please explain something more exactly what happens then: files are lost, what is corrupt after renaming the folder?

Yes, so when i’m using file cloud drive and i have the drive mounted i am having issues. What happens is I will change the name of the folder that has content inside. When I open the folder, the files inside go missing or become corrupt. When I change the folder name back to the original name, the files inside the folder come back.

We have an issue with the actual FileCloud Drive app.
After renaming a directory, you currently have to log out of the Drive app and log in again.

We recommend renaming directories in the FileCloud User Portal until we have a fix.