Revision of Policy Management

When working with Policices in Filecloud a few changes would highly improve their management:

  • Possibility to change the policy name: Currently it is impossible to edit the name. One has to copy the policy -> add all users of the old policy to the new one -> delete the old policy. This is not particularly effective and is prone to errors.

  • Possibility to compare two or more policies: We have several policies which are identical to the global policy but differ only in one setting: Quota. This allows our Helpdesk to temporarily raise the quota of a user to say 1GB, 5GB, 10GB and so on. However, if a setting in the global policy is changed, it has to manually be set in every other policy. There is currently no possibility to compare two given policies to check their differences.

  • Derived from the latter point: When changing a setting in one policy, a button “Sync to other Policies” would be handy to select other existing policies and to automatically sync this setting to them.

Thanks for posting.

Opened an internal featured request

  1. Add ability to change the policy name.
  2. Allow ability to apply the same change to multiple policies.
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