Server Version Samsung Local Access Issue

Just upgraded to the new version and we have run into a strange issue. We have discovered users with Samsung Devices can no longer connected to the server while logged into the LAN. As soon as they log out of the LAN network and go on mobile data they can connect without issue.

Users that are on non Samsung products (LG G8) do not have this problem.

Mobile device App Version 20.1
Samsung Devices Tested SM-M960V SM-G930V SM-A505U


Thanks for posting.

Can you please share us with the screenshot of the error page, the Samsung users are getting while connecting via the LAN. Also, the screenshot of the page from Admin portal >> Devices

There is no error produced, just sits there and spins. Eventually says Cannot connect to Server.


Can you share us with the FileCloud app logs. You can get it from Access the App >> Settings ( right top corner) >> Troubleshooting >> Save App logs

You can save the app logs to a location on your device and share that log to us. You may please upload it in

Also, please share the screenshot of the page from Admin portal >> Devices

The requested information has been uploaded.


Thank you for the logs.

Can you please try if you can access the site on the phone’s web browser using LAN.

Sorry for the delay, after testing your last request (failed) we realized the problem was in our network. Thanks for all the help, problem solved.

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Glad to hear that the issue is resolved!