Setup - Page not found error - Help

just downloaded then setup and ran the install. Attempted to “check the install” and it returned a page not found error. Not sure what to do next. No real support.



Please update us with a full window screenshot of the error you are getting (URL visible) to assist you better with this.

Some progress but I still cannot get this working. The current error is “failed to start MongoDB as a service”. I have not altered the config file but am frustrated I cannot get this working on a Windows 10 home computer. I just need a simple solution to access and upload files remotely. This seems to be way more than I need.

Hello @krhiltz

Please update us with the below details to assist you better on this.

  1. Screenshot of the error.
  2. Any information on windows event viewer related to MongoDB?
  3. Please try to start the MongoDB service from the windows services page and let us know the error you are getting.
  4. MongoDB logs from the location “C:\xampp\mongodb\bin\log”.
  5. Any antivirus/malware scanner running in the machine?

Also, as an additional note, it is better to install and run the FileCloud server on Windows 2012 64 bit (& R2), Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019 rather than the windows 10 home edition.