Staging Files for Sync Client

I’m trying to sync a fairly large number of files and it’s taking forever. I’m wondering if I could stage the files by just doing a windows copy from source to destination and then letting the sync client run it’s check?

Also is there any tweaks that anyone knows of for syncing a large number of files?? Talking about 20,000 files.


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Please let us know if you are using the FileCloud Sync App to sync the files.

Also, let us know if the 20,000 files are copied to the sync folder currently. Sync uploads files in batches, it needs to do around eight to ten housekeeping activities like audit subsystem, sync sub, the storage subsystem.

FileCloud sync should have no issues syncing 20K files. Our customers regularly sync over 400K or more files on it. The 64 bit version of sync should handle files in the millions.

Which direction are you syncing? Remote to local or Local to Remote?

Yes, if you already have the files locally, you could just plop them in the sync folder and it will skip downloading them and it should go much faster.