Sync with Android /auto upload does not work

Hello I`m currently evaluating Filecloud. An absolute must have feature for us is the ability to automatically upload fotos and videos to the cloud.

I`ve setup a fresh system, added one user, enabled the backup features on the server side, installed the android app und configured the app like described in the docs.

But nothing happens at all… no error… nothing. Settings -> Media Sync -> check status is “running” / remaining = 0. Taking a foto does not trigger anything an the files / fotos already on the device are not backups too.

what do I have to do, to enable that feature? And how can I see the files? the “/backups”-folder is created and can be navigated by url (but it is empty). But I cannot see is under MyFiles or something like that.

thanks a lot



You can try the below documentation.

If you are still facing the issue, can you share us with the screenshot of the settings page from the Android FileCloud app?