System exceptionservice failed to start aresonable tim : Apache2.4

My Server windows server 2012R2
I down load filecloud server installation and setup after finish setup try to run step by step it pop up with error “System exceptionservice failed to start aresonable tim : Apache2.4”
any advice or link demo setup step by step will be grate

Thank you


Thank you for posting your inquiry in our community form!
In regards to the error, you are experiencing “System exceptionservice failed to start aresonable tim: Apache2.4”
This can be caused by multiple things:

-Windows Server is using port 8080 preventing the Apache service to start, to correct this, As an administrator start your command prompt and execute the following command: Net stop http /y (Once the command finishes executing start the Webserver from FileCloud’s command prompt)

-The user you are using to access your Windows Server does not have enough permissions there for FileCloud is unable to create logs.
To correct this access your services, look for Apache and run the service using an Admin domain account such as the AD Administrator. Once complete restart the Apache service.

For the above in case you do not see Apache listed within your services, Open FileCloud’s control panel and besides Webservice click on “Make Service” it is recommended that you do the same the database as well.

Note: Before starting the Webserver please ensure that the Database has been started. for further information please refer to our support documentation.
FileCloud Control Panel:
FileCloud Site setup:

after restart server it can run for now on local.Now I stuck on “Storage system not ready. Please contact administratorCLFC-01801” I create user and set a part of data ready but still can’t get in.
I want to know if i want to run from internet outside office i have to buy a dyndns or not? or if I have real ip address can i run on real ip address.
any advice please let me know.
Thank you


Thank you for the update.

Can you please check if you have provided the Storage path in Admin panel >> Settings >> Storage path. If you still face the error please get back to us with a screenshot of the storage path and the screenshot of the error page.

Regarding the access of User, please check if you can access the User with their credentials from the URL :
You can also try from the Admin panel, please refer to the attached snapshot.
user website

You can access Filecloud even if you are using the Public IP, only condition it should points to the server.

yes it can run local NP. but if we need to access from out side office what step I have to config


If you need to access Filecloud from outside your office, you need to assign a Public IP to the Filecloud Server. As far as the public IP points to that server you will be able to access your Filecloud using that IP.

for now my public ip map with the domain name ready I use that
and can ping at the domain but I put the domain to fileclude sever url but still can’t work
I have firewall fortigate did i have to premit or create someting else. please let me know ASAP


If you are using a firewall please allow the port 80 and 443 in Firewall and check if you are able to access the Filecloud