UCC Certificate - (Tenants in different domains)

Running filecloud on-premise.
Has anyone dealt with setting up a certificate for multiple tenants in different domains?

First I generated a UCC on Godaddy’s site with the original instance as the primary and the new tenant as the SAN. I let GoDaddy generate the private key (which they say is base 64).
However FileCloud kept complaining the key was not base64.

Next I generated a CSR yesterday through filecloud for the primary processed it through GoDaddy for a UCC certificate. I added a SAN for the FQDN for my second tentant so the certificate would cover
both tenants. After installing the certificate Apache would not start.

I ended up just having to generated another a CSR and re-key a Standard SSL
for the FQDN of ONLY the primary tenant just to get Apache running again so we weren’t down completely but I still have a second tenant with SSL errors

The software has no option to generate an SSL for multiple FQDN.
And FYI each tenant is in a different domain so I can’t use a wildcard certificate.

If anyone has dealt with this I’d appreciate any insight.
I have contacted support but I thought someone on here might already have the answer.




Please note that only a single SSL certificate can be installed for all the sites, so, therefore, it is recommended that you use a wildcard SSL certificate for the main domain say https://*.xyzcompany.com and then setup each site as a subdomain of the main site, say site1.xyzcompany.com and site2.xyzcompany.com

Please let us know if this helps you.